Outdoor Lighting

In my last post I told you about my parents house and their amazing back yard.  One of the things that makes it so special is the lighting.  Take a look at this arbor:


See the chandelier?  He can do this type of stuff because he’s a contractor by trade. If I wanted an arbor with a chandelier, well — I’d have to call my dad!

But that doesn’t mean we have to have our parties in the dark. There are TONS of options for the electronically impaired.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  1.  String up some lights: there are a gazillion options to choose from – anywhere from soft globes to rope lights to icicles. Find what works for your style and budget. This one is a good starter option for most patios.
  2. Light your path: nothing is more irritating than stumbling around in the dark.  Solar stakes that charge themselves during the day and light your garden paths, deck, patio or driveway not only make your life easier but they do wonders for your curb appeal.
  3. Flood your back yard with light: adding in some floodlights make a HUGE difference to your back yard. It literally can go from night to day! If they don’t come pre-wired with your home, there are other options you can go with.
  4. Light your front step when you step on it: one of the best things I ever installed was a motion sensor light. I got so tired of trying to unlock my door in the dark! These are also great for just general security. The modern ones are set so they won’t go off if a cat or bunny hops across your yard but if a deer or a person wanders across your drive or up to your door, it won’t be sneaky anymore!
  5. LED bulbs are worth the price! As you shop for lighting you’ll see florescent, halogen, and LED. Florescent and halogen are very energy efficient but nothing compared to LED. These use so little energy that in come cases they will last the life of the fixture. They are more expensive but you will save so much more on your energy bill it’s totally worth it.

I’d love to see examples of your outdoor lighting. What works best for you?

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