My Parent’s House

So, I’m on vacation at my mom and dad’s. Because of how spread out my siblings are this is the first time in six years we have all been together. It’s been wonderful!  But equally wonderful is my parent’s home. I grew up in a log cabin (well, log home really – and I moved in my senior year of high school.) Let me show you:


Here is my parent’s front porch. You’ll notice they have FOUR (had to cut one out) swings across the front – each seating two people. Yes, there are green things everywhere. My mom can make rocks grow. It’s amazing.


Here is the main floor bath. The walls look like stucco, but it’s a faux paint finish. My mom took drywall compound and sprayed it on the drywall, then smoothed out the top rough edges with sandpaper. The next step was the primer coat, then the light paint coat. Once that was thoroughly dry, she painted the darker coat and wiped it off with a rag leaving it in the crevices left by the compound. Ta-da! Amazing looking stucco bathroom!


Here’s a wall of my parent’s kitchen. My dad found this old stove, then searched for replacement fixtures until he was able to completely refurbish it. So yes – it’s a working stove. Mom even bakes pies in it for Thanksgiving.


Here’s the other side of the kitchen. The guy who installed the granite counter top said it was the largest piece of granite he had ever installed. In keeping with the country look of the home, she has custom bar stools made of oak and cedar, cupboards that are both glass and wood – painted a warm ivory with gold trim and satin nickel hardware. The stove, microwave and dishwasher are stainless, but the refrigerator was ordered in ivory to match the cupboards and to blend in.  Those flowers?  Not from a florist. They came from her garden.  Yeah I know – I wish she’d deliver!


Here is the upstairs loft. My sisters and I put in the carpet. We used carpet samples that had been discontinued, and glued then stapled them to the floor. It gives the room an awesome patchwork quilt look I have never seen anywhere else!


My parents created a lovely rock bench under a pine tree just as you pull into their driveway. What a welcoming look!


Here is a peek into their back yard. The arbor has a chandelier hanging from the center top, a bench on one side and a fountain on the other. Yes, the chandelier can be turned on with the flick of a light switch. In the back is a children’s play set, ample seating for a crowd, and a gazebo with a full kitchen – refrigerator, sink, and barbecue. It is also fully lit, as well as floodlights for the entire back yard so the party never has to end at dark!

So, there is a brief tour of their amazing home. I hope you enjoyed it. Please share photos of amazing homes you have seen (with permission, of course!)

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