Best Kitchen Cleaners

So, here’s the thing: I love having a clean kitchen, but I don’t have the time or energy to be scrubbing it down every day. Do you? I’m also not going to have 16 different cleaners for one kitchen. I’d rather have just one that is good for everything, including glass. Is that too much to ask in the 21st century? Oh, and I have a few other criteria to mention. I have fibro, so I’m very sensitive to well, everything. So, no harsh chemicals, smells, fumes, or anything. I am also a total wienie now and can’t scrub for long, so the stuff has to actually work and I do mean WORK. And it would be really nice if it disinfected too so I don’t have to do a separate step for that. Am I asking too much? Surprisingly, I’m not. I took a look at a bunch of reviews, from Good Housekeeping to Consumer Reports to Real Simple and Wisebread (and others). Several cleaners seemed to make the top 5 in most lists. In no particular order, here they are:
  1. Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner, Lemon: Versatile formula is effective on virtually any hard, washable surface, so you don`t have to go searching for the right product. After cleaning, formula leaves no dulling streaks, just a great-looking surface. Lemon scent will make your surfaces smell great.  Kills 99% of bacteria.
  2. Method All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner – Pink Grapefruit: Put the hurt on dirt with Powergreen Technology, pioneering chemistry that harnesses the strength of naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients to break down dirt naturally. Corn-based cleaning salts bind to dirt to wipe it away while coco oil-derived surfactants remove grease and grime, so every spray leaves nothing behind but a fresh scent and gleaming clean. And the biodegradable formula is safe for most surfaces: tile, sealed wood and marble, and metal.
  3. Windex Vinegar Multi-Surface Cleaner: Use to gently clean almost everything to a streak-free shine. Works on: countertops like corian, silestone, sealed granite, sealed marble (real or synthetic), formica; glass; windows including factory-tinted auto windows; appliances like microwaves, stovetops, toasters, etc; kitchen fixtures; stainless steel; ceramics; enameled paint appliances; ceramic tile; plastic; vinyl; and more.
  4. Spic and Span Cinch Cleaner:  Ammonia free. Safe on granite. Streak free. Cuts grease.

All descriptions come from the manufacturers.  So, there you have it.  I have my favorite.  Which one works best for you?  Or, do you have a fab fav that isn’t on the list?

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