Gray is the New White

August 19, 2016

And brown is the new black. Black is still OK, and white is still OK – but the rules are changing on how they are being used. I know — try to keep up – if you can.

Take a look at this kitchen from

This is a typical country kitchen, and you would EXPECT to see white cabinets. These are a light gray instead and they work beautifully with the rest of the room.  So if you’re tired of white, try something a little cooler.

Another place famous for using white is in the bathroom. What if we mixed in some gray there? Take a look at this bathroom from houzz:

Gray And White Bathroom Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor:

We still have the usual white on top in the mirrors and upper cabinet, but the lower cabinets, backsplash, floor and walls are all done in gray. The end result is clean and fresh, but not cold.

What about the new trend in brown? Well, we’ve seen a ton of black and white rooms with colorful accent pieces. Here’s one from that does it in brown:

Isn’t it beautiful? It’s much less of a contrast, and much warmer. Here’s another one from DIY Craft and Home Design:

White, cozy, shabby chic decor:

Rather than introduce another color, they kept the accent colors the same as in the baskets and walls. Very simple.

So don’t be afraid to use colors in your home that suit YOU! I’d love to see what beautiful rooms you have created!


5 Responses to Gray is the New White

  • What I loved and hadn’t thought about is the bedroom with the white comforter and the brown accents. I may have to consider something like that when I finally get into my own home and can do my room like that.

  • Beautiful and timely updates ideas ❤️

  • We just painted the brick on our fireplace a light gray. I has been thinking white (okay, it does look white, but it’s gray! ). Now I just need to decide if we should paint the woodwork or leave it dark.

  • These are all pretty to beautiful (I love that bathroom), but I don’t want a new white or a new black; I want color. The emphasis is always on neutral colors for floors, walls, counters and cabinetry with color relegated to accent pieces. When we had to replace our floor, I nearly passed out from boredom when we looked at standard woods; I woke up for a colorful slate. It’s still dominated by grays and browns, but there are also ochres, blues, greens and golds. Color! And it has texture. (Granted, positioning furniture so it wouldn’t rock on the irregular surface was a challenge, and it took me weeks to properly shim the bookcases so that they lined up neatly; the job was made easier by making bubble wrap bundles and putting different sized bundles behind the bookcases so they all stood at an equal distance from the wall.) I’m looking for a good shade of golden peach for the living room walls that will tie in with some of the colors of the floor.

    • I’m with you on color, and I’m working on a post on some great colorful suggestions, but I’d LOVE to see your new floor! My living room is black and white and beige, but it’s the ONLY room in my home that is neutral. Every other room has lots of color – greens, blues, reds, pinks (I have a daughter) yellows — the whole rainbow. I agree – living in a completely neutral home would be SO boring! 🙂

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