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bedroom design

A bedroom always feels nicer when the first thing you experience is a pleasant view out the window — as opposed to a view looking straight at the bed. If you're designing a new bedroom or reworking an old one, try to come up with a layout that focuses on the vista — whether it's something as stunning as a lake or as simple as your backyard.

It's always nice when you can leave the bedroom door open without forsaking all of your privacy. The small foyer in this example provides separation from the family room. I always try to avoid designing a layout in which you look directly into the bedroom from a more public space, like a great room, kitchen or family room.

living room design

Increase light and ventilation. Locating your living room at the corner of your home can give you windows on two or more adjacent walls. This gives you the added benefit of cross ventilation and a softer natural light.

Consider the furniture layout. Your living room's architecture should take your furniture into account. Living Room floor plans usually have a couch wall — but what about coffee tables, recliners, TVs, chairs? Work with your architect or designer to make sure there is enough space beside the couch for a coffee table or end piece and ample circulation so you can access both sides of the couch.

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